Provision for Healing

We are spirits with a soul (mind, will and emotions) and we live in a body which is the Temple of God’s Holy Spirit. With our spirit we contact the spirit world. We must have a body so that we can contact and function in the physical world around us. Our bodies are made of the dust of the ground; we find chemical substances in our bodies that are found in the earth such as the minerals iron, copper, zinc and manganese. There are many chemicals found in the earth that make up our physical structure and are used in the functions of our fearfully and wonderfully made bodies. We need many chemicals for the millions upon millions of chemical reactions that occur in our bodies each day, moment by moment, which help us to function properly. God has provided these chemicals for us in the form of plants that are tasty, desirable to eat and pleasing to the eye. Because of God’s perfectly designed food we don’t have to be aware of any of these reactions and functions that go on in our bodies; they happen automatically at the correct moment.  When we put in our physical body what God designed for us, we remain strong and healthy. We are therefore free to discover and walk out the plan and purpose of God for our lives.


This is a beautiful plan. Why then did God include the gift of healings and working of miracles among the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit? Why do we need to call for the leaders of the church to pray for us or have hands laid on us? Why do we need any supernatural gift to be well? God’s plan was perfect, His creation was perfect, His man was perfect, the environment for His man was perfect, and His nourishment for His man was perfect. Our Creator made no mistakes; He provided us with perfect bodies and perfect sustenance to live forever in His perfect environment. In a beautifully perfect world the first man, Adam, sinned and everything in the whole of creation began to deteriorate. Not only did the first man die spiritually but now he faces deterioration and physical death as well. His environment and food supply began to deteriorate and weaken. With this dire situation now pressing upon all mankind, God in His mercy gave us direction in His Word about the way to live our lives in the safest, wisest manner. Ultimately He gave us the gift of healings and other ways to receive healing so that we could live well, be in His perfect will and follow His plan for our lives.


God made man perfect but sin entered the world. Because of sin, which caused deterioration, God in His mercy provided for our needs. Is it necessary for us to have supernatural approaches to healing as well as God’s original natural plan in order to help us walk out our lives in Biblical health? Why is the Body of Christ as sick as the unsaved among us? Why do some get healed only to return to sickness in a few days? Could it be that God’s Word doesn’t always work? Absolutely not! God’s Word is true and it always works. The answers to all things that pertain to our lives are in the Word of God including the answers to healing and health questions.

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