First Session Study Guide 3

First Session Study Guide

Lesson Three

 (Raw Food and Enzymes)

It is important to eat raw food. No, not raw meat, we should eat raw vegetables and fruits. That means salads are a good idea. Raw food contains enzymes, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Some of these important elements are destroyed by cooking. However, a 100% raw food diet is not recommended. We need both raw and  cooked food.

There are at least 2700 enzymes that have been identified and they are responsible for different functions. Enzymes come from within our body and from outside our body. We are born with a store of enzymes and when they are depleted it can cause obesity and illness. We can replenish our body’s enzyme stores by eating raw food. When we eat only cooked food our liver, pancreas and spleen become stressed from the extra work which causes aging and shortens our life.

Raw plant food also contains antioxidants. Free radicals are molecules that are unstable and our body has to neutralize them. In an effort to become stable these molecules attack our cells causing oxidation and the only way to protect the cell is with antioxidants. We need lots and lots of antioxidants and a good source is raw fruits and vegetables.

Q and A:

  1. What is contained in raw plant food?

  2. What destroys some of these nutrients?

  3. From where does our body get enzymes?

  4. What are free radicals?

  5. What is needed to counteract oxidation?



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