First Session Study Guide 1

First Session Study Guide

Lesson One

(A Healthy Diet)

          What is a healthy diet? If you listen to the media or visit a bookstore you will quickly discover that there are a lot of opinions about what constitutes a healthy diet. To be healthy we must know what our body needs in order to function optimally. And if we are not sure what that is how can we continue to do something that we are not sure is right for us? The answer is “we can’t”. We will end up eating whatever is available and in the long run that could be a problem

So… what can we do? We can look at world populations and good scientific research and find out what people eat that makes them strong and energetic. It is interesting that good information lines up with the Bible where it touches on food and lifestyle. The Bible’s information has always been correct for us.

Here is what we know:

  1. Our body needs good food to renew cells and tissues.

  2. Our body does not need, nor does it want, negative ingredients in processed foods.

  3. The best foods are those that are nutrient dense and calorie poor.

  4. Most people’s problem is malnutrition and can be easily resolved with nutrient rich foods.

  5. We should choose foods by the ingredients they contain, not what is missing.

Nobody’s diet is perfect. Nobody makes the right choice every time. Our goal is to continually improve our choices. That is really possible when you discover foods that are truly healthy, truly tasty and truly satisfying.

Q and A:

  1. Why is it important that we discover what we need in our diet to enable our body to function optimally?

  1. Do I have a real desire to improve my diet, my lifestyle and ultimately my health outcome?

  1. How can we know what foods to choose?

  1. What foods are the best to eat?

  1. Should foods be chosen by what is in them or by what is NOT in them?

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