First Session Study Guide 6

First Session Study Guide

Lesson Six


It is important for us to eat foods that will satisfy us because we must feel full or we will want to eat all the time. Our goal is to eat and be satisfied so that we are always in control of our choices. Water and fiber have no calories but they are important to our bodies and they provide weight which is one thing that will cause us to feel satisfied. If we eat foods that contain lots of water and fiber we will fill up and eat far fewer calories.

What are these foods? They are starches: rice, corn, beans, legumes, potatoes and whole grain pastas. If our meals are based on these foods we will effortlessly prepare healthier meals.

Here are some general ideas:

1. Focus on foods high in water and fiber (bulk or volume)

2. Focus on foods low in fat, sugar and refined carbs

3. Dilute the calorie density of foods: mix food higher in calories (pasta) with foods lower in calories (vegetables).

4. Eat foods low in calorie density first. Start your meals with salads (be mindful of high calorie oil dressings), vegetable soups or other soups.

5. Don’t drink your calories. Liquid calories, like fruit juices, don’t satisfy your hunger and add lots of calories.

6. The most important thing in selecting a food is not the taste, the convenience, your habits or the price; the most important consideration is its nutritive value.

Q and A:

  1. Why do we need to eat foods with lots of fiber and water?

  1. What are the foods that we should build our meals around?

  1. What foods should we focus on?

  1. Which foods should we eat at the beginning of our meal?

  1. What is the most important thing is selecting a food?


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