What About Fat Addiction?

Have you ever wondered why that cream pie is so good? Or the fried chicken? Or the chocolate chip cookies? That creamy, smooth, luscious feeling in our mouth is the fat in the food and that’s what we like so much.


Unfortunately, we are addicted to fat. That sounds wild. We’re not talking about nicotine or cocaine. We’re just talking about fat which is something we all need in our diet.


It’s true that we need fat, but we don’t need very much and the amount of fat that is present in plant foods is sufficient for us. We get into trouble when there is too much dairy food, animal food and free oils in our prepared foods. If we include these foods in our diet, the craving for fat remains but if we get rid of them we can get rid of the cravings in about three months. That is a wonderful place to be.


Even if we can control the fat in our food at home we have some challenges when we go to a friend’s home to eat or go to a restaurant. When you go to a friend’s home you can explain that you don’t eat certain things but are quite happy with a salad or steamed vegetables. I tell my friends that I am easier to cook for (and please) than most anyone else. In a restaurant, you can tell the waiter exactly what you want. After all, they want you to be happy with your meal.


Look at the side dishes that are offered. There is frequently a baked potato, steamed broccoli or other vegetables to choose from. If there is only white pasta or white rice don’t be concerned. Order it and enjoy it. Whole wheat pasta and brown rice are better but the other choices won’t do any harm. It is easy for a chef to leave the oily sauce off of the vegetables or potato and there is no problem for them to bring your salad dressing on the side so that your salad isn’t served to you drenched with oil.


Our goal is to get rid of the excess fat in our diet and on our bodies. Once those cravings are under control it’s pretty easy to choose well and you will experience the really exciting tastes of your food along with many other benefits.



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