Third Session Study Guide 1

Third Session Study Guide

Lesson One


The recommended macronutrients in our diet as a percentage of calories:

1. Carbohydrates 65-80%

2. Protein 8-15%

3. Fat 8-15%


Protein was discovered in the 1800s long before vitamins were discovered.


Researchers did not do scientific experiments. They simply assumed people would choose wisely if they had the money to eat what they wanted. These scientists made recommendations based on these observations. Based on these bigoted observations they said 110g to 180g of protein per day was necessary.


Russell Chittenden was a scientist who actually experimented to discover what our protein needs are. He started on himself. He lowered his protein from about 135g per day to 40 g per day. The results were pretty impressive. He lost 35 lbs, the soreness in his knees went away and his general sick feeling left him. He then experimented on his colleagues at Yale (members of the faculty). The results were the same. He then experimented on 3 members of the U.S. Army (people who worked out a lot) with the same results, except they didn’t lose weight because they didn’t have to.


Finally he experimented on 8 Yale student athletes. These people increased their performance by 35%. Amazing! He showed that cutting back on protein by about 2/3s was beneficial. Since that time there have been 1000s of studies done on protein needs and ALL of them confirm what Russell Chittenden discovered.


Lesson One Questions:

  1. What is a beneficial amount of protein per day according to Chittenden?
  2. What percentage of our daily calories should be protein?

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