Third Session Study Guide 4

Third Session Study Guide

Lesson Four

(Sulfur containing Amino Acids)


Proteins contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen but two of the amino acids contain sulfur (methionine and cysteine). These sulfur containing amino acids metabolize into sulfuric acid which our bodies have to neutralize. The primary way they are neutralized is with our bones. This is how we lose bone density so it is important to know which foods contain sulfur containing amino acids.


Another consideration is that when bones break down the calcium solidifies in the kidney system causing calcium based kidney stones. Also, methionine becomes homocysteine which is new risk factor for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, blood clots and osteoporosis. And sulfur feeds cancer. If you grow cancer in a closed system and deny it methionine it cannot grow. Sulfur containing amino acids are also toxic to the intestinal tissue which is responsible for the development of colitis and Crohn’s disease. When these amino acids are restricted in animals, the animals live longer.


We all know what sulfur smells like. These are the substances that are responsible for foul smelling breath and body odors.     So… where do these amino acids come from? Primarily they are found in animal foods which contain 4 to 12 times more methionine and cysteine than plant foods with the same amount of protein.


Calcium deficiency is practically unknown and practically no one has ever developed a calcium deficiency due to their diet. The problem is a diet with an excessive amount of acid foods like meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Consuming foods with calcium that are also very acidic will not solve the physical conditions listed above.


Lesson Four Questions:

1. What is one cause of a loss of bone density?

2. What are some other conditions that can be traced back to excessive sulfur containing amino acids in the diet?

3. Where do sulfur containing amino acids come from?

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