Third Session Study Guide 5

Third Session Study Guide

Lesson Five



Vitamin and mineral supplements cannot possibly supply our body with all the thousands of nutrients it needs. It might sound amazing but supplements can cause deficiencies.  How could that be? Within our cells are receptors on which the nutrients must “sit” in order to do their work. It’s a lot like the employees who come to their office to work. In order to accomplish anything they must sit at a desk. If all the employees worked in the accounts receivable department there would be an imbalance in the company. Other needed jobs would not get done; there would be deficiencies.


It is best to get our vitamins from plants because they are in a perfect package perfectly mixed with other nutrients so that when you eat them they can be used properly. The small amount of vitamin C in a food will be just as effective as 1000mg of vitamin C taken as a tablet. In the vitamin C tablet the other nutrients necessary to help the vitamin C work are missing.


Isolated, concentrated vitamins and minerals flood the cells and overwhelm the receptors and disturb the balances within the cells. Imbalances are what make you sick.


The benefits of taking vitamin and mineral supplements are questionable. Many studies that have been conducted showing that there is an increase of risk factors for heart attack and cancer or, at best, the supplements have no effect. Here is a quote from the Medical Nutrition Researcher (Adriane Fugh-Berman) at NIH (National Institute of Health). “Based on these three human trials, we have to conclude that beta carotene supplements are somewhere between useless and harmful.”


When we consume our vitamins and minerals in the packages in which they were created they are properly mixed and delivered to our body with no toxicity. In food they are highly efficient. New nutrients are frequently being discovered. If you eat the plant foods in which the nutrients occur naturally you not only get all the vitamins you need and the minerals that the plant absorbed from the soil but you get all the nutrients that have not yet been discovered.


Lesson Five Questions:

  1. What is a drawback of taking supplements?
  2. What do nutrients need in order to do their work?
  3. What can we consume that has the correct balance of nutrients?



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