Third Session Study Guide 6

Third Session Study Guide

Lesson Six



There are many benefits to exercise. Here are just a few of the benefits of exercise:


Increased metabolic rate             Better digestion

Better cholesterol levels               A more positive attitude

Better self-esteem                        Increased flexibility

Improved muscle strength           Stronger bones

Lower blood pressure                  Improved stamina

Improved mental alertness


30 minutes of moderate exercise per day (fast walking) can:

Cut your risk of heart disease by 50%

Reduce your risk of hypertension, diabetes, colon cancer by 30%


All of these results that we can get from exercising are so exciting. Who wouldn’t want to cut their risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and lose weight too? With all of these advantages to exercising why is it so difficult for us to start exercising and continue doing it? There may be many reasons you could name but could it be that we just don’t have the energy to get through a workout? Eating better can be a real help for giving us that energy and stamina to get moving and stay moving. Be sure to “Choose Well” when you plan a meal.


Here are some ideas for exercising. I like to exercise with a video. I know guys probably won’t like that but exercise videos may help the women. Fast walking every day or maybe jumping on a rebounder could be a solution for you. Now there is a great exercise machine. A rebounder is easy on joints and exercises every part of your body. You could join a gym, the YMCA or take up an active sport or dancing. Riding a bike is also a good idea. You may want to do several things to keep yourself interested every day.


The reasons for exercising are many and so are the solutions. Find one that you can get excited about and start today.


Questions for Lesson Six:

  1. Name two benefits of exercise.
  2. Name one benefit from fast walking.
  3. Decide on some form of exercise to begin doing today.


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