Menu Plans

You can deviate from this plan with similar foods.

Do not add oils or sugars.

You can add sauces but be aware of their fat content.

Add more vegetables (not fruit) for weight loss.

Do not allow yourself to be hungry.

Eat slowly and stop eating when you are full.

There are many options to these simple guidelines.

Find a few meals that you like and keep repeating them.

Don’t be concerned if you make a mistake, just begin again.




oatmeal, blueberries (or other fruit), 1 T. ground flaxseed, rice milk,

1 T. wheat germ (opt), 1 t. raw sunflower seeds (opt)




  • Vegetable salad with no oil dressing* and/or soup**
  • Choose from the following:


    1. brown rice or millet with Balsamic vinegar and Faux Parmesan… or


    1. baked potato with “cheese” sauce (opt) … or


    1. whole wheat pasta topped with Muir Glen or Walnut Groves spaghetti sauce… or


    1. Lentil Stew, heavy whole wheat bread… or


    1. bean burgers… or


    1. baked potato with Walnut Sauce (opt) … or


    1. whole wheat pasta with “cheese” sauce… or


    1. brown rice with spaghetti sauce, Faux Parmesan (opt) … or


    1. Chinese stir fry (dry sauté)… or


    1. corn… or


    1. your choice of a rice, potato, corn, bean/legume or whole grain pasta dish



  • steamed vegetables***



SNACKS: fruit




*Salad with a no oil dressing (Ex: Balsamic vinegar and Faux Parmesan). You can include kidney beans, garbanzo beans or other beans on the salad. You can include peas and corn. Simply run water over them to thaw; they do not need to be cooked.



**Soups are easy to make and can be made in large quantities then frozen for future use.



*** Vegetables can be fresh or frozen and any vegetable is a good choice. Frozen vegetables are very convenient.



You can choose from several recipes for rice, potato, corn, bean/legume, whole grain pasta. Just be aware the ingredients of the sauces and condiments that you choose.

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