Recipe Notebook

A valuable notebook to keep is one with only your favorite “Choose Well” recipes kept in individual sheet protectors. That way you can take out one sheet at a time to use as you prepare your recipe and the paper will not get soiled. Also, you can write your ideas, additions, reactions and more on the sheet so that you can always make the recipe exactly as you like it.


You actually don’t need 1,500 recipes and 40 cookbooks in order to be completely satisfied with your meals. You only need a few favorites. When my husband and I have a meal and then say “I could eat this every week”, I make a note of that and those are the recipes I include in the notebook.


Our goal is to have at least the following recipes collected:


  • 9 main dish recipes


  • 2 salad dressings


  • 2 desserts


  • 3 breakfasts



Some of our favorite main dish recipes are:


  • Mashed potatoes and Golden Sauce and steamed vegetables


  • Pasta with marinara sauce


  • Homemade Pizzeria Pizza


  • Baked potato and steamed vegetables


  • Vegetable Stir Fry


  • A large salad


  • Ezekiel 4:9 tortillas and Muir Glen salsa


  • Rice with spaghetti sauce or Melted “Cheese” Sauce


  • Garbanzo burgers


  • Mexican Chili


You can create your own list of favorites and from them you can create many, many variations with the sauces, salads, soups and vegetables that you serve with them. What is on the list is NOT the only dish that we eat at that meal.


You will really enjoy your meals when you can easily plan ahead to be sure you have the ingredients and you will not have to “make do” with choices that are second best.


Remember to “Choose Well”!

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