The Food Coach Pantry

Have you wondered what The Food Coach has in the pantry? Here is a list of foods that you might be interested in getting for yourself. There are other possibilities for some of these foods but this is a beginning. Beyond many fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator and freezer this is what is usually in my pantry. Some items (like peanut butter) I buy very infrequently.


Rice Dream rice milk – I prefer the original but also use enriched (organic)


Bragg Amino Acids (Publix and Kroger)

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (Publix and Kroger)

Brown Rice vinegar (only at Whole Foods)

Red Wine Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar (Publix and Kroger): Newman’s and Spectrum are both organic.


Low sodium Tamari Sauce (San-J)


Westbrae Naturals mustard: Dijon, stoneground, etc

Annie’s mustards: Dijon, etc

Organicville: only at Whole Foods


Kroger brand organic applesauce: this product contains apples, water and ascorbic acid


Kroger brand pimientos (for Uncheese Sauce)


Muir Glen organic salsas


Pomi brand tomatoes chopped or strained: There are only tomatoes in these boxes and they smell like fresh tomatoes. They are in the canned tomato section. (Publix has the best price)


Muir Glen canned tomatoes: These cans have a white liner so the tomatoes don’t taste like tin.


Ry Krisp Natural (Seasoned) Crackers: contains some fat


Wasa crackers (Kroger): Most of these crackers have only 3 or 4 ingredients and no oil: Whole Grain, Hearty and Light Rye. They are mostly grains and water. The Multi Grain says “no fat” but the ingredients list mono- and di-glycerides which are fats. There is not much but it is there. The Whole Wheat lists palm oil and sugar as ingredients (not good).


Brown Rice Snaps (Unsalted Sesame). The other varieties have oil and too many ingredients. Unfortunately, I have only found this variety at Whole Foods.


Kavli 5 grain crispbread


Ry Vita (Publix)


Kashi crackers (Publix and Kroger): These contain milk ingredients.


Eden Organic – various beans (These have very low salt, unlike the typical beans in a can. They are great if you do not want to cook beans or if you want to have some on hand for a quick meal. The biggest variety is at Whole Foods but limited varieties are available at Publix and Kroger).


Ezekiel 4:9 Tortilla chips (Kroger and Publix): these can be toasted in a toaster oven until crisp and broken apart to use as tortilla chips with salsa.


Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted grain pasta

Vita Spelt whole grain pasta

Tinkyada – organic brown rice pasta

Mrs.Leper’s corn spaghetti

Quinoa pasta

DeBoles Rice Lasagna (no boiling) I have only seen this at Whole Foods


Success brown rice (boil in a bag – this is great if you are not successful at cooking rice or want to have a quick rice meal. If possible buy a rice cooker which you can program to finish cooking when you return home. I have a more expensive rice cooker – Zojurushi, cost around $125 – but I cook all kinds of grains and beans in it and it cleans up easily.)


Energ-G Egg Replacer (Kroger and Publix)


Pacific low-sodium Vegetable Broth: (Kroger and Publix). You can make your own vegetable broth but I find this to be much easier.


Nutritional yeast (Whole Foods and Nourish): Be sure that you do NOT get brewers yeast.


Various rices: brown Jasmine, brown Basmati, long grain brown rice (no white rice), etc. Lundberg has several varieties of organic brown rices that are good.


Various beans: pinto, kidney, Great northern, black, garbanzo, etc

  • Eden Foods canned beans: (Limited selections at Publix – Black Bean only – and Kroger – Cannellini only. Whole Foods has a huge selection).
  • Westbrae Naturals (Kroger): the sodium is a little high.
  • Greenwise canned beans at Publix seem to have low sodium but I have never used them and know nothing about the quality.
  • Kroger brand organic beans: they contain no fat and the sodium is low but I have never used them and do not know about the quality.


Note: I prefer to cook my own beans because they taste better to me but canned beans are great when you don’t have time to cook the beans. Beans are very good cooked slowly in a slow cooker…especially pinto beans for burritos. Cook them with a chopped onion and several cloves of garlic all day. All you need to do is mash them with a potato masher and you can make a great bean burrito with chopped tomatoes, lettuce, etc.


Various legumes: green lentils, red lentils, split peas


Walnut Acres Spaghetti sauce (Publix): The fat is low and the sodium is acceptable; check the label, each flavor is slightly different. These sauces contain some sugar but it’s not too much.


Muri Glen Spaghetti Sauce (Kroger and Publix): The fat is low and sodium is acceptable; check the label.



Fruits and vegetables


Spice World organic chopped garlic (Publix and Kroger): I use a lot of garlic and like fresh but this is easier.


Krinos Tahini (Publix):  ground sesame seeds (sesame seed butter). There are other brands that are also good.


Pure maple syrup




Veganaise (I use this sparingly and I use “grapeseed”)


Various nuts and seeds: raw cashews, raw almonds, raw walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseed


Raisins, dates



Fruits and vegetables


Food for Life: Ezekiel 4:9 bread and tortilla chips


Food for Life: Brown Rice tortilla chips


Millet flats (only from Whole Foods; I sometimes use these for pizza crusts)


Quorn patties: This company makes some good “substitution” foods from mushrooms instead of soy. They taste pretty good. This is not a product that should be eaten all the time but it is a nice diversion.


Quorn “grounds”: This is the mushroom version of ground meat and is good on pizza or in spaghetti sauce. Do not overdo the use of these substitute products.


Lemon, lime and orange “cubes”: Several recipes call for fresh lemon juice, lime juice or orange juice. I buy these fruits by the bag and juice them put the juice in ice cube trays and when they are frozen I put the cubes in plastic bags for the freezer. When I need a tablespoon or a ¼ c of juice I have it available. Each cube is approximately one tablespoon of juice.


Various seasonings:

Mrs Dash – several varieties: These seasonings contain no salt; they are dried vegetables, herbs and spices and therefore can be used freely.




Red pepper flakes



Etc. Etc.


Rumford baking powder (no aluminum)

Rumford cornstarch (no GMO)

Rumford or Bob’s Red Mill baking soda (no aluminum)





Carob powder (this is a great substitute for chocolate and makes a couple of good desserts)


Peanut butter (Smuckers organic, Arrowhead Mills): the ingredients should list “peanuts”  … “peanuts” only  not sugars and oils and additives as the popular peanut butters do (Jif and Skippy etc).


Dalfour Jelly (Publix): This is an imported jelly and is expensive. We almost never use it anymore. However, it is the only jelly that is pure fruit and has very little that is objectionable. Other jellies, even those that say “all fruit”, have undesirable ingredients.


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