Sickness and Disease

When God created Adam and his wife there was no sickness, disease, pain or death. The fall of man brought all of that into existence. Adam and Eve didn’t become diseased immediately nor did they physically die immediately but the deterioration process began. God created perfection but sin marred mankind, the earth, the plants and soil, the atmosphere and everything in the universe. In Luke 13:16 Jesus tells us that disease is from satan. During Jesus’ ministry He healed all who were sick thereby continually attacking the result of satan’s work.

Currently we have terrible statistics that tell us about the prevalence of killer diseases in our country and around the world. In the developed countries the risk of disease is extremely high. Many Americans have a health problem that requires taking prescription drugs regularly. The top three causes of death that are afflicting our families, friends and the people around us are heart disease, cancer and stroke. Theses diseases need not plague us; they are controllable. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn  tells us that coronary artery disease need not exist, and if it does, it need not progress. Dr. Colin Campbell author of “The China Study” has discovered that cancer can be turned “on and of” by nutritional manipulation. Dr. Neal Barnard says most cancers are preventable and he also says it is possible to reverse diabetes. These are exciting statements made by doctors and researchers who have seen great results in the patients with whom they work. However, adults and children alike continue to suffer with the symptoms of these diseases. Their lives are compromised because they don’t know how to avoid these diseases. Because they become incapacitated with these diseases they are unable to completely follow the plan of God for their lives.

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