FC Mexican Chili

2 cans whole tomatoes or 2 boxes Pomi

2 cups cooked pinto beans

2 cups cooked black beans

1 cup green pepper, chopped (opt)

2 cups of frozen corn

1 cup frozen kale

1 cup zucchini, chopped


Place all ingredients in a large soup pot and heat through.

Dry sauté:

2 cups chopped onions, dry sautéed

2 cups chopped mushrooms, dry sautéed


Add onions and mushrooms to pot plus:

1 teaspoon cayenne

1 tablespoon chipotle chili powder

1 tablespoon Mrs. Dash Chipotle

1 small jalapeño pepper, chopped (opt)


Stir together thoroughly and add:

1 tablespoon minced garlic

Stir well.

Serve over rice.



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