How to Cook Pasta

Pastas come with cooking directions. Usually you boil water and drop the pasta into the water and boil for 5 to 9 minutes depending on the type of grain and size of the pasta. But it also depends on how you like your pasta. I like the pasta to be a little chewy rather than soft and mushy but others may not agree.


The package directions sometimes tell you to cook the pasta longer than necessary so check the pasta by getting a piece of it out of the boiling water (cooling it off) and tasting it or pinching it with your fingernail. Pastas made with rice and vegetable grains cook quickly while whole wheat takes longer.


When the pasta is ready you need to pour off the water so it doesn’t continue cooking even though you take it off the heat. Because you have a pot of boiling water to handle you must be careful when you do this.


One of my favorite pots is a soup pot that has a pasta insert that enables me to lift the pasta out of the water and drain it without having to pick up the pot of boiling water. Draining off water and not losing any pasta can be tricky.


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