Low Fat Waldorf Salad

2 medium apples, cubed

¼ cup diced celery

¼ cup raisins

½ cup walnuts, chopped

1 tablespoon lemon juice

4 tablespoons Tofu Spread*

2 teaspoons honey or agave nectar

Pinch of salt


Combine the apples, celery, raisins and walnuts. Mix together the lemon juice, tofu spread, honey or agave and salt. Add the dressing to the apple mixture and mix well.


* The recipe for Tofu Spread is found under “Sauces”. You may want to use Veganaise to get a Waldorf Salad that is closer to the original but you will increase the fat.


This Waldorf Salad may not taste exactly like to original but it has a wonderful flavor that you will enjoy without the added oil from mayonnaise.

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