Building Materials

This is a great day to choose good meals! Our body needs good food in order to build new cells (and we have trillions to maintain). Considering the huge number of cells we have, aren’t you glad we don’t have to think about what our cells are doing?


What we do need to think about is what kind of materials we are giving our cells to work with. When our house needs repair we wouldn’t think of using rotten, warped wood or rusty nails and when we eat food for our cells to use maybe we should consider the value of what we eat.


Are you sure that you know what your body is looking for? It doesn’t want junk but it will do the best it can and will keep you going as long as possible. If you repair your house with inferior materials, pretty soon it would be a mess. If we repair and replace our cells with poor materials pretty soon we’ll be a mess. Hmmmm…


If you are not absolutely sure what your body is looking for you may want to find out more about the Choose Well Plan. Just ask the Food Coach.

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