Designed for Health

We were created and designed to be healthy, have lots of energy and live a long, abundant life. We are not supposed to need medicine to get us through the day. When you need medicine, you need it, but should we rely on it every day? Do you ever wonder… if we were not designed for sickness, why are we sick and fatigued?

The answer to that is that we were never designed to live on the diet that is very prevalent these days. Our diet causes our cells and organs to work overtime because of the excesses we force on them.

Our body needs lots of nutrients, anti-oxidants and phytochemicals so that all the millions of jobs that need to be done in our cells can be completed efficiently. Unfortunately, many people put up with many illnesses that are diet related. Our bodies are always trying to repair anything that is not right and it needs good materials to do that.

We really do have wonderfully and fearfully made bodies (Psalm 139:14) and no matter how we treat them they always work to maintain health for us. If we work with our bodies instead of against them, they will reward us every time. If you are not sure how to work with your body to keep it in excellent condition, take a look at the Choose Well Program and check with the Food Coach for some great ideas.

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