I must admit, in speaking with you numerous times, although I was intrigued by the things you taught me about eating healthy, I never implemented any of the information.


Once I accepted your dinner invitation, to dine with you in your home that is all it took to win me over.


Wow!  Not only were the foods very tasty, much to my surprise they were extremely filling.

The most exciting part was the immediate response from my body.  It was like for the first time ever, my body knew exactly what to do with the “real” food I was feeding it.   I slept great and awoke the next morning, still feeling great.


This inspired me so much, I have begun to try recipes from your website.

Again, much to my surprise – the ingredients are easy to find in the grocery, the prep time is minimal, clean up a breeze and the results, life changing!


THANK YOU Mrs. Peggy – I thank you and my body thanks you!

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