FC South of the Border Burgers

1   14oz can kidney beans (no salt added)
1   14oz can pinto beans (no salt added)
1   cup rolled oats
1   cup cooked rice
4  tablespoons salsa
2-3  teaspoons garlic
1-3  teaspoons Mexican seasoning
1  teaspoon Chipotle chili powder (opt)


Mash the beans by hand with a potato masher or pastry blender. Add the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Make 1/3 cup or 1/4 cup sized burgers and let them sit for a few minutes in a refrigerator to set.

Broil the burgers on each side until golden brown or bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until done.


These burgers are very good. You can alter the seasoning to your taste. I like hotter but you may not.

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