17 High Fat Meal

Good Morning,


Imagine that you have just eaten a hamburger and fries or a pepperoni cheese pizza or a fried chicken dinner. What’s next?


Well, the fat in your bloodstream and cholesterol levels rise and your blood will clot more easily. In two hours the fat in your blood will increase by 60% and your blood flow will decrease by half. In three hours your arteries will lose elasticity which interferes with blood flow. In four hours your blood will get even thicker; in five hours the fat in your blood will increase by 150%. In six hours the effect of “good” cholesterol is significantly compromised.


Whoa… Hold on!!!


If you continue this over weeks and months and years… you will continue to build up plaque in your arteries which would reduce blood flow. That means you have decreased the oxygen supply which could lead to a heart attack. Yikes! You could also develop liver disease. Oh dear!


BUT… there is good news!!! Choosing to feast on vegetables, fruits, beans, rice, potatoes and limiting meat and dairy will change this whole series of events. Wow! That’s wonderful! We have the opportunity to choose great foods that our bodies will put to good use for us and allow us to enjoy the benefits of good health. It’s your choice… so…


Choose Well

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