11 Constant Energy

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One taste that we seek out is sweetness; we ALL love it. The reason for that is simple; our cells run on glucose which is a simple sugar. We need glucose delivered to our cells constantly in order to have constant energy. “Constantly” is the most important word in that last sentence. We cannot eat constantly (well… some people try to but that is NOT a good thing).


If we consume simple sugars in the form of cookies, doughnuts, soft drinks and other sugary foods we will NOT give our cells a “constant” supply of glucose. The only way to do that is with complex carbohydrates and starches (whole grains, potatoes, beans, vegetables and fruits). The reason for that is our body has to break down the carbohydrates and the cells get their simple sugars slowly, slowly, slowly. Therefore, our cells get constant energy and so do we!


What a deal… keep the rice and potatoes and beans coming. They work a lot better than cookies or candy bars and keep us thinner too. J


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