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Long distance runners know that they will “hit the wall” if they do not carbohydrate-load before a race. They often eat pasta to get this almost immediate, clean fuel that is stored in the form of glycogen for use during the race. We can carbohydrate-load at each meal so that we have energy throughout the day by eating a starch based diet. That gives us plenty of carbohydrates for fuel.


On the other hand, if we eat a high-fat meal, the molecules of fat from the meal enter our blood stream from the gut and immediately coat the blood cells. Uncoated blood cells can bounce off each other and bend and twist to get through the smallest capillaries, but if they are coated they lose elasticity and clump together becoming rigid. Circulation worsens and you become tired.


The way you can energize yourself is by eating starches and eliminating fats. Then you will have a constant flow of fuel for your cells without the hindrances. Sounds like a good plan to me! Do you know what starches are and how to eliminate fats? If not, please ask me.


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