18 Aspirin


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I’ll bet you have heard that taking aspirin decreases the incidence of heart attack and some strokes. Many people take aspirin daily. However, it can increase the number of hemorrhagic strokes (bleeding into the brain). What is really interesting is that fruits and vegetables have just the right amount of aspirin to prevent both unnecessary clotting and hemorrhagic strokes. Three vegetables a day can decrease the incidence of strokes and heart attacks significantly.


That’s super! Those who take aspirin daily cannot just quit “cold turkey” as they say… that’s dangerous. That alone tells me a daily dose of aspirin is not a good idea. Three vegetables sound a lot more appealing and we are eating more than that each day; our goal is 9-12 servings. Once again, the safest way to stay well is to choose God’s foods. We can’t improve on what He created for us and we don’t need to try.


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