19 Nuts and Seeds

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Seeds are really interesting. Did you ever consider that seeds grow everywhere in the world, in any climate, under any conditions and they reproduce rather quickly? They have a long, long storage life. After all, some of the grains found in Egyptian tombs can be sprouted after lying dormant for 4,000 years. That’s amazing! When a seed is not refined or processed, it can meet all of our nutritional needs. This is because it is filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber and even some protein.


That’s pretty exciting. You may be surprised to realize that seeds include grains (rice, wheat, barley, corn, peas and more), beans (pinto, black, kidney and more) and nuts (cashews, almonds etc).


However, some seeds (like sunflower, sesame) and nuts contain a lot of oil (and therefore, calories) and so we want to be aware of overdoing a good thing. But other seeds (rice, wheat, corn, beans) can be eaten until we are full and satisfied. If you are unsure about which seeds should be the main part of your meal and which should be treated as a condiment, please ask the Food Coach. We’ve got answers. J


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