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The potato has been maligned. Recently the NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) published an article that said the potato is fattening. They were talking about plain potatoes… amazing!


Does it make sense that the potato is the cause of obesity in America and Europe? There are 150 calories in a large potato; you could eat 10 potatoes in a day and only have 1500 calories (you would certainly be full). Throughout history the potato has served as the basis of nutrition for people. Whole civilizations have survived and thrived by eating potatoes.


The potato is one of the healthiest foods we can eat. You can survive on potatoes and water alone. There was a recent experiment where a man went on an all potato diet. He lost 35 pounds, dropped his cholesterol and thrived for over 2 months. Originally this experiment was done in the 1920s. A man and a woman were placed on an all potato diet by a doctor who published the results. For 6 months they basically ate potatoes and water alone. They thrived and they liked their diet. So the bad information about potatoes is just that… bad. Potatoes are one of the most nutritious, most trimming, energetic and muscle building foods we can eat.


I am not suggesting that you eat only potatoes but don’t exclude them from your diet. They are too yummy, too filling and too full of nutrition to ignore. So enjoy your potatoes but be mindful of what you put on them. Plain is best and remember… Idaho potatoes are not the only kind of potato.


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