24 Prevention is Cheaper Than Disease

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Several years ago (2004) a study was done that attempted to connect diet and health care costs. Researchers at Northwestern University discovered that men who ate more fruits and vegetables (about 1 ½ cups a day) during their 40s and 50s saved thousands of dollars (over $3,000) a year in medical bills during a 16 year period (after age 65).


The lead researcher (Martha L. Daviglus of Northwestern University) said these findings supported the 5-A-Day program. Since that time the 5-A-Day program has been extended twice. The recommendation is currently 9-13 servings a day.


Those of us who eat an excellent diet don’t spend money on medical bills. The researchers suggest that a cup and a half of additional plant food will lower your medical bill in the future. Wouldn’t it make sense that eating the recommended 9-13 servings could support your body to the point that you wouldn’t have to put up with sickness? I can’t speak for you but I am certainly willing to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to avoid sickness and feel great. Our Father God, who created us, also created the wonderful plants that sustain us and keep us healthy. It makes sense that we should focus on the original foods made especially for us that help us to thrive and maintain our strength and clarity of mind. And to be sure that you get all the micronutrients you can take your Juice Plus regularly.


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