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Nuts and seeds are really yummy foods that most of us enjoy eating. I know I like cashews, English walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and many others. But, you know, many of their calories are fat calories and fat is stored very easily on our bodies. Hmmm… that’s a real consideration… and you know exactlywhere that fat would be stored, don’t you?


I remember when I was a little kid we would have nuts at Christmas and Easter and special occasions. However, they came in a shell and a family event was cracking and eating nuts around the kitchen table. It made a big mess as we broke those hard shells but we had a great time. Also, no one really ate that many nuts because it was a lot of work to get each nut out of that hard shell. But, now we can buy nuts shelled and eat them by the handfuls. Remember that nuts are about 2800 calories a pound and although we don’t eat food by the pound, we get close when it comes to nuts.


A better idea would be to use nuts and seeds sparingly. Use a little tahini (sesame butter) in your hummus, raw cashews in the Melted Sauce recipe or walnuts in the Walnut Sauce but use those recipes with caution and certainly don’t use nuts for your snacks… that would not be a good choice and I know that you always choose well.. I am sure you will continue to…



Choose Well

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