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If you would like to get away from drinking coffee, which has some negative effects on us, a good idea would be to switch to black tea, hot or iced. It has some caffeine and could help you through the withdrawal that accompanies a break from coffee (you don’t get as much jitteriness or stimulation from the black tea).


Tea has been traditionally associated with good health. People in Asia, England and other places have regularly consumed tea and it may be associated with less risk of high blood pressure, strokes, heart disease and cancer because of some of the chemicals that are present. That’s not a reason to start consuming tea but it is a reason to not stop if you enjoy it. It is a worthwhile change in your beverage choices if you are hooked on coffee.


Another idea to move away from coffee is to try one of the roasted grain beverages that are available. I know of three and there may be more (Pero, Roma or Cafix – they are listed in the Food Pantry Store on the Food Coach website). The ideal drink would be water or herb teas without caffeine but that will be an adjustment for another day. In the meantime black tea, which gives you that little “buzz”, may be your answer.



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