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If you eat spoiled food (potato salad outside at a picnic in 90 degree weather) you will get food poisoning and go to the hospital. They will pump your stomach and you will recover. You are healed. If you eat some of that potato salad again, what will happen? … the same thing.


When you consume things that hurt your body you cannot recover until you stop consuming those things. If you pray or have someone pray for you, you will be healed. But if you do the same things you were doing to make you ill, you will experience the same symptoms. God and His Word heal every time when faith is released.


Consider this: if I cut my finger chopping vegetables, I would clean the cut, bandage it and forget about it. I know that in a day or two it will heal and the story is ended. However, if I took the bandage off three times a day and cut my finger in the same place each time, would my finger ever heal? Well, of course not!! That would be ridiculous. It would get worse; it would get infected and I’d have to go to a doctor if I wanted to save my finger. How do I keep that from happening?… I should stop abusing my finger!


The same thing will happen if we abuse our body three times a day with unhealthy foods that are not nourishing. Our bodies are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) and are always healing, fixing and repairing our cells and tissues. If we continue to abuse our bodies we will eventually have to go to a doctor if we want to save our body and still have the ability to function on the earth.


To have a healthy body that continues to function well, it would be a good idea to…


Choose Well

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