32 Osteoporosis

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Many hip fractures occur frequently in our country and other Western countries. In certain places of the world (like in rural Africa and rural China) where the people live on mostly vegetables, hip fractures are largely unknown. It is in countries where meat, poultry, fish and dairy products are a regular part of the daily diet that hip fractures and osteoporosis are common.


One to four percent of an adult’s skeleton is lost every year while following the high protein American diet. Wow! That’s a big loss! Proteins are made up of amino acids (proteins are acids). Our body has to have a particular acid-base balance so that biochemical reactions can take place. A diet that is acidic must be neutralized and the easiest way for our body to do that is to dissolve bones. Unfortunately, this is the beginning of osteoporosis.


Should we drink milk and take calcium supplements to overcome this problem? No… the problem is not a diet that lacks calcium; the problem is a diet that is high in animal protein (meat, fish, poultry, dairy), caffeine (coffee or soft drinks), a lack of exercise, tobacco and excess salt. Studies consistently show that no amount of calcium intake will result in calcium balance if calcium draining lifestyle habits are continued.


Calcium is a mineral found in the ground which is absorbed by the roots of plants. All unrefined plant foods are excellent sources of calcium. Animals cannot produce calcium; they get their calcium from the plants they eat just as we do.


“Got RICE milk?” I can see your “rice milk” moustache!! Can you see mine?


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