7 Three Courses

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We know what we are trying to achieve but sometimes it is difficult to actually follow through with our intentions. Here is an easy way to think about our meals:

  • The First Course of your meal should be a big bowl of vegetables, raw, steamed or dry sautéed. This can be a salad (use a “no oil” dressing) and/or a bowl of plant soup (there are many soup recipes that are only plants).
  • The Second Course is a starch. Use potatoes, any rice, corn, squash, lentils, any bean or any whole grain in whatever combination you like. Use your imagination (check the Food Coach recipes) and fill up on this course.
  • The Third Course includes the more processed foods. You will eat a smaller portion since you have already filled up with the first two courses and it is possible that you won’t be hungry enough to eat this course.And that’s fine.


If you think about vegetables first and starch second, whatever you choose for the third course will not add too many calories. Enjoy your meals!! There are endless possibilities but repeating the same meals over and over is “okay” too.


Choose Well

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