35 Chronic or Acute

Have you ever considered that there are only two types of illnesses? There are those that are the result of a single injury such as a cut finger, a broken bone or an infection. Modern medicine is really good at dealing with these acute injuries (that’s another way to say single injury). They sew up the finger, set the bone and give you an antibiotic for the infection; these things help your self-healing body to heal more quickly without further complications.


Another type of disease is chronic illness which is the result of “multiple” or “repeated” injuries. These problems are things like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, indigestion or constipation. Since these conditions are the result of repeated injuries, using single injury solutions won’t work. For example, if someone smokes and coughs all the time, it won’t help to use cough syrups to control the cough because the problem is NOT a lack of cough syrup. The source of the smoker’s coughing is the cigarettes that he routinely “smokes”. If the source of the repeated injury (cigarettes) is stopped the coughing and wheezing will stop in a few days and the body will begin to heal from the smoke damage.


To solve the problem of a chronic illness the simple answer is to stop repeatedly abusing the body. Eliminating the cause of the problem will go a long way in “curing” the disease. Maybe the disease is called “incurable” but if you have no symptoms, who cares what it’s called? To solve chronic illnesses we must find the source of the injury.


Hmmm… maybe if we don’t injure our bodies repeatedly we can prevent these illnesses from occurring. That would be a good reason to…


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