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Every dietician, doctor and almost every scientist says we need a little sodium and if we consume just a little of it everything will be “okay”… you won’t get high blood pressure, strokes or heart disease. Unfortunately, that is a little misleading. There is really very little benefit to a low sodium diet. It may drop your blood pressure a couple of points but if you eat a whole food, plant based, no free oil diet your blood pressure will drop significantly because you have made a significant change in your diet.


Salt is a basic taste for us. We like salt and God didn’t make us like salt by mistake… we need it. Eating a low salt diet will not necessarily give you better health. Actually, if you don’t get enough sodium you risk illness. You are asking your body to make adjustments to conserve whatever minerals you have. As a result you could increase your problems.


The problem with a high salt diet has to do with the other ingredients in foods that include salt. Salt is mixed with bad foods like salami, cheese, lunch meats and processed foods in general. The problem comes from eating those types of foods.


We should enjoy our meals so put a little salt on the surface of your food so that you taste it. (If you cook with salt you won’t taste it). Put the salt on your food at the table and you will taste every bit of it. By the way, the food you’re salting should be fruits, vegetables and rice, corn, potatoes, beans and legumes. Continue to choose well and cook without salt, adding a little at the table to enhance the flavor.


Choose Well

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