25 Heredity and Health

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Sometimes we hear that our physical conditions have to do with our genes. They tell us that we just inherit certain conditions from our parents and we are totally at the mercy of our genes.


Well, look at it this way… we did inherit a set of genes from our parents and some of those genes have been damaged, maybe generations before we got them. However, what we also inherited from our family is a certain way of eating and a certain way of living. Actually, many traits that are inherited will be expressed or suppressed by our lifestyle choices. For example, if you do not smoke your chances of getting lung cancer are very slim. Whether or not you end up with lung cancer has more to do with your choices than with your genes. So if you want to cross lung cancer off your list of things “they” say you may have “inherited” then just don’t smoke. If someone who smelled of alcohol told you that many people in their family had cirrhosis of the liver and they were concerned about eventually getting it what advice would you give them? That’s right… stop drinking alcohol.


That’s pretty simple and its true when it comes to what we choose to eat. If we make good food choices, we can greatly reduce our risk of getting those diseases that the Standard America Diet (SAD) causes. A whole food, plant based, no free oil diet is our goal and it is very satisfying and very tasty. How about a baked potato with Melted Sauce and steamed asparagus tonight? You could even have a bowl of yummy fruit later on.



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