38 Three Drives

Good Morning,


What three “drives” do we have that must be satisfied? Our body gives us no choice about fulfilling these demands and is very specific about what it wants. Here are the three “drives”: breathing, thirst and hunger. When you breathe, what is your body really looking for? If you said “air” you are not specific enough. The answer is oxygen. If we were in a room full of nitrogen or carbon dioxide, I guarantee we would both be running for the door in search of oxygen.


What about thirst? It can only be satisfied by drinking water, not just any liquid. People who drink other things are depriving their bodies of what it wants but our body will get as much water as it can from what we consume. If we don’t drink enough water our bodies will retain it rather than be deprived.


And finally, there is hunger. The answer to this one is NOT simply food. The hunger drive is satisfied by only one thing… carbohydrates. That’s the fuel that our bodies run on. All meats, including chicken, fish, shellfish… contain no carbohydrate; fats, like butter, olive oil, corn oil… contain no carbohydrate. If you do not eat carbohydrates your body will keep telling you to eat until you are stuffed and in pain and yet you will still be hungry. Unless you eat starches you will be preoccupied with thoughts of food.


So… do your body a favor and breathe oxygen, drink water and eat starches. Your body demands it and will rebel if you don’t give it what it specifically wants and needs.


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