4 Something Not to Worry About

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There are a lot of things to think about each day but there is one thing you should never have to worry about: getting enough protein. The WHO (World Health Organization) tells us that we need 5% of our calories in protein (6% for pregnant women). For men eating 3,000 calories a day 5% is 150 calories (3,000 x .05 = 150 calories). For a woman eating 2300 calories that’s 115 calories of protein.


What is amazing is that, per calorie, broccoli gives us 50% protein and various meats (pork, salmon, chicken, beef) gives us between 35 – 45%. Wow! You can get all the protein you need from plants with only a few calories. (That’s a good deal.) Don’t be concerned about protein. The only possible way to be deficient in protein is to eat less than 500 calories a DAY; in other words if you are not starving you are not deficient in protein. You aren’t starving are you?


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