40 Meat is Addictive

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When a meat eater is deprived of meat they often feel weakened or fatigued. Even when a diet of plant foods and supplements provide as much (or more) of the nutrients provided by the meat the feeling that “something is missing” continues. Hmmm… that’s curious, isn’t it?


But this weakness is not due to a lack of protein or other nutrients; it is due to a stimulant found in meat. Who would have ever thought of that? It has been discovered that muscle cells contain hypoxanthine (and other substances), which increase in concentration as meat ages. Hypoxanthine has a chemical structure similar to caffeine in coffee or theobromine in cocoa and the effects are similar too.


So, you ask, what exactly are these effects? These substances stimulate the central nervous system and produce a feeling of energy… but it’s just the feeling of energy, not the real thing. And… they are addictive, which means they must be continued if you want to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Wow! I don’t know about you but I don’t like being addicted to anything.


That explains why getting meat out of your diet is a challenge. You can cut down the amount of meat you eat a little at a time to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. Is it worth the effort? Well, since meat eating is associated with some types of diseases that we don’t want to ever deal with I hope you are saying, “yes, it is worth it”. I am confident that you will continue to…


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