41 Plants and Disease

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I have read about many foods that lower rates of one disease or another. Here are some examples: drinking green tea daily may result in lower rates of several forms of cancer; quercitin, resveratrol and genistein (found in fruits and vegetables) prevent cancer promotion; whole grain rye reduced bile acids by 26% (bile acids are responsible for promoting colon cancer). There are many other examples of various phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals reducing disease risk that could be listed… but you get the picture.


The interesting thing is that we never see a report that states that bacon will protect you against cancer or that the risk of heart disease goes down with the consumption of parmesan cheese or that arthritis patients find relief when eating a hamburger every day. I think there is a clue here…


Research always seems to point to plant foods that improve these conditions. Aside from the fact that we were given plants to eat in the Garden, it seems that focusing our choices on plants is a great idea. Consider this… one cause of death we will never see written on a death certificate is “Overdose of broccoli.”


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