42 Criminal Behavior

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Barbara Reed Stitt was the head probation officer in Cuyahoga Falls, Wisconsin. She had an interesting way of dealing with the young offenders that were assigned to her. She discovered that most of them were suffering from the results of a junk food diet and that the diet was one of the causes of their criminal behavior. What an amazing idea!


She prescribed a diet that banned sugar, white flour, chemical additives, caffeine, and alcohol. There were a few other rules as well that you would recognize as great ideas!! J She said that a malnourished central nervous system will lead to serious physical and behavioral problems which medication and psychiatry can not change. Her programs were so successful that judges were referring criminals to her with instructions that they were to follow her diet and stick with it.


She is not saying that there is not a social aspect to crime but her success points to the idea that dealing with the whole person is more effective than just putting them in jail. First, they need to meet the One who really cares about them and then get the nourishment purposely created for their fearfully and wonderfully made bodies. Enough said.


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