44 As Your Stomach Stretches

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When we eat our meals, our stomach responds to the number of calories that we eat AND the stretch that the food provides. That makes the amount of food we eat as important as the calories it contains. When we eat the whole foods that were designed for us (Gen 1:29) things work really well because whole, plant foods are full of fiber and water and not that many calories. The problem arises when we eat high fat, calorie dense animal foods and processed foods.


Compare these two meals.

Meal #1:

A fast food large hamburger (51% fat)

Medium French fries (46% fat)

20 oz. soda (0% fat)

TOTAL: 51 grams of fat or 41% total fat and 1120 calories


Meal #2:

6 ½ medium sized baked potatoes with salsa

TOTAL: 1 gram of fat or 1% total fat and 1100 calories


Here’s the question: “Which one would fill you up more?” … If you said meal #1 you have never tried to eat 6 baked potatoes (and besides, I know you are kiddingJ). Our stomach estimates how much stretch it needs to fulfill our caloric requirement and keeps asking for more food if the “stretch” isn’t satisfied. Everyone, whether they are fat or slim, eats until they are full. If you think you can just “push yourself away from the table” you are mistaken… you will be back in a couple of hours. Choose well by selecting whole, plant foods that will fill you full of fiber and water, give you lots of nutrients with very few calories and satisfy your stretch receptors. Use those animal products as you would a “condiment” and be sure to…


Choose Well

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