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Tufts University conducted a study that showed that a low-carbohydrate diet resulted in reduced cognitive function compared to participants who simply consumed a reduced calorie diet. Various skills (short and long term memory, spatial memory and spatial attention) were evaluated 72 hours before the diet, 48 hours after and one week after.




Interestingly, the low carb dieters had slower reaction time on all tests and a gradual decline in memory. These problems improved when carbs were added back.




Actually, this is not surprising. Carbohydrates are broken down slowly in the body and converted to glucose which our brain uses in tremendous amounts. Around 25% of our daily calories are used by our brain. When someone is grumpy it is a sign that they need some oatmeal or brown rice or a sweet potato. That’s why restricting carbohydrates would slow down brain function. Even though restricting carbohydrates can work for weight loss, as you can see, it is not at all healthy for our brain. A wiser way to eat (and lose weight) is to consume the foods designed for us by our Creator… fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. These foods are very nutritious and high in fiber and do wonderful things for us. There are many wonderful ways to consume these foods that are very delicious and leave us with amazing cognitive function and strong, healthy bodies. If you need recipe ideas check www.askthefoodcoach.com.




There is a wonderfully pleasant pathway to health and we are on it.




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