13 High Cholesterol

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Many people have a high cholesterol level; the average is around 210 mg/dl. Levels below 180 mg/dl rarely result in heart disease and with levels below 150 mg/dl you are practically heart attack free. Yes!


Eating a low-fat (no free oils), no-cholesterol (biggest source of cholesterolis animal foods) diet changes the flow of cholesterol from going into the artery to going out of the artery. (Also, some studies have shown that caffeine can cause an increase in cholesterol).


Animal (saturated) fats promote blood clotting so if we stop eating animal fats our blood “thins” out and (even if there is a rupture) the blood is less likely to clot and so the blood vessel remains open. That’s great news! For every 1% decrease in cholesterol there is a 2% – 3% decrease in risk. Wow! Pass the baked potato… but hold the butter, sour cream and bacon bits!! J



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