51 Foods That Heal

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During World War II the people in occupied Norway were forced to live on a plant based diet. The invading Germans had taken all of their livestock for themselves.


Statistics of mortality rates from heart disease are available from 1927 through the war. From 1927 to 1939 the rates of mortality from heart disease continually increased in Norway. In one year after the occupation of Norway the mortality rate dropped to a level slightly lower than the 1927 rate. So the death rate from heart disease increased for about 12 years and in one year of a plant based diet the death rate was lower than the 1927 rate. Wow… that’s amazing! I think I am getting a clue about which foods to choose.


By 1945 the death rates from heart disease was cut nearly in half compared to the start of World War II. There has never been this kind of improvement in death rates from any statin drugs or stents or bypass surgery. Only God’s food created especially for man can make such an amazing improvement.


It is interesting to note that after the war, when the livestock was reintroduced to Norway, the death rate began to climb once again. That is unfortunate. It seems that the Norwegians (and many others around the world) have not learned a valuable lesson about the best foods to consume. But those of us who are observant understand why it is necessary to…


Choose Well

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