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It is interesting to look at the food additions that have been made over the years and centuries. Below is short list but even so, we can see how long people ate basic food and when manufactured foods starting arriving on the scene in greater and greater quantities. Is there a parallel with sickness and disease? Let me know what you think about that.


The animal foods would be mostly clean animals raised on a family farm or fish living in clean oceans and lakes. Any foods that required preparation would have to be prepared at home. There was no manufacturing of food and even when manufacturing began there was not transportation that could get food to your local grocery store from all over the world.


Until the 1700s foods were pretty simple and plain. You had to be a wealthy king or queen to eat the rich foods. Even our grandmothers and great grandmothers living around the turn of the century would not have had access to all the sweet delicacies that are available everywhere these days.


I remember having soft drinks when I was a kid… at weddings and 4th of July family picnics. After one or two bottles of Canada Dry ginger ale, orange or grape soda we were cut us off from the soft drinks. We had jelly beans at Easter and homemade cookies and cakes. A McDonald’s hamburger was never an option; my mother said we had better hamburgers at home… and she was right.


Today we have a lot of choices available to us. Take a look at this abbreviated list; it’s pretty intriguing. I put sweet foods and prepared foods in bold letters.

Before 2000BC: fruits, vegetables, yogurt, butter, meats, grains, beans, honey

Before 1000BC: peanuts, chocolate, horseradish, sugar, peaches, oats

Before 500BC: tomatoes, celery, cinnamon, Italian sausage

Before 1st century: pastries, strawberries, lobster, crab, shrimp

Before 1000AD: ice cream, lemons, pretzels, spinach, coffee

Before 1500AD: gingerbread, coconut, Sushi, corned beef

Before 1700AD: cows in America, doughnuts, coffee cake, cream puffs, modern ice cream, rice in South Carolina, French Fries, coffee

1767: soda water

1784: lollipops

1807: ice cream cones

1817: taffy, toffee, butterscotch

1830: soft drinks in America

1837: Idaho potatoes

1847: Necco wafers

1849: Concord grapes

1853: potato chips

1859-1899: The Industrial Revolution: The food mfg industry expands fifteen fold, canned food industry develops

1867: synthetic baby food

1869: Campbell’s soup

1870: margarine

1879: saccharin

1885: milk shakes and Dr Pepper

1886: Coca Cola

1890: ice cream soda

1893: fudge and Good “n Plenty

1894: Hershey bars

1897: Jell-o and tangelos, cotton candy, Melba toast

1898: jelly beans, candy corn, Pepsi

1900: Factory food processing generates 20% of the US manufactured products

1902: Karo syrup

1903: canned tuna

1904: banana splits

1906: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

1911: Crisco and Junket

1912: Oreos

1917: Moon Pies

1920: Eskimo Pie and Good Humor, grain millers mass produce bread

1921: Wonder Bread, Wheaties

1923: popsicle

1927: Kool-Aid and Pez

1928: Gerber baby foods

1930: Twinkies and Jiffy biscuit mix

1937: Spam and Krispy Kreme

1947: Betty Crocker cake mix

1952: diet soda

1953: TV Dinners

1965: Gatorade and slurpies

1967: High Fructose Corn Syrup

1984: Red Bull energy drink

1984: the typical American now eats fast food 9 times a month

2006: deep fried Coca Cola


If you are interested in a more extensive history you can google “foodtimeline”


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