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Coca-Cola was first marketed in 1886, by a pharmacist in Atlanta Georgia. The name comes from its ingredients: extracts of cocaine and the caffeine-rich kola nut. The drink was sold as a tonic and nerve stimulant. It lost money for its inventor during the first year and was sold the next year to another pharmacist who turned it into a popular fountain drink.


It was thedrink with a “kick” but without the harmful effects of alcohol. The customers were so loyal that they took their Coke with them everywhere; (I wonder why they did that). Cocaine was outlawed in 1900 but most colas and soft drinks are still addictive because they contain lots of sugar, caffeine and sodium. One coke has the same amount of sugar as 10 to 12 apples and the caffeine equals the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Whoa…that sounds like a lot of stimulation. What about the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks that many people are concerned about?


Independent studies have shown that artificial sweeteners are linked to conditions like cancer and neurological diseases, and additionally they may be related to overeating in spite of the fact that people trying to lose weight drink them thinking they are helping themselves.


Colas also have additional additives like phosphorous which decrease the absorption of calcium. It causes the kidneys to excrete additional calcium, iron and magnesium. In addition both diet and regular colas have much too much sodium. Wow! This stuff is not good. The best idea is water and if you need to add some lemon or lime or even a little honey to your water, do it. Those foods will be welcome by your body and you won’t lose needed minerals. If you really cannot drink enough water add a little Celtic salt or sea salt… that will make you want water for sure.


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