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There are some folks who think that eating healthy food is expensive… you know… buying fresh, raw, organic food. So, just for fun, let’s consider the price of potatoes. I checked the price of potato chips (which are obviously processed and not on our list of healthy choices) and compared them to the price of potatoes – both organic and conventional. Here’s what I found:


Potato Chips:

  • 10 ½ oz. of Lay’s Potato Chips are $2.99 (28 cents an ounce)


  • 13 1/2 oz. Ruffles are $4.69 (35 cents an ounce)


  • 12 oz. Publix Potato Chips $3.49 (29 cents an ounce)


  • 11 ½ oz. Kroger Potato Chips $2.08 (18 cents and ounce)



  • Russet potatoes are $1.05 a pound at Kroger (7 cents an ounce)


  • Organic potatoes are $2.19 for a 3 pound bag at Kroger (5 cents an ounce)


  • Organic Yukon Gold potatoes are $1.99 a lb. at Whole Foods (12 cents an ounce)


Hmmm… considering the nutritional value of the fresh potatoes that will fill us up, satisfy us and will do a lot to keep us out of the doctor’s office, what would the best choice be? Perhaps, we should also consider the extra oil and calories we get from chips. Potato chips are never a complete meal, and potatoes aren’t either, but potatoes could be the main part of a meal. (Mashed Potatoes and Golden Sauce are one of my favorites).


If you are thinking about being frugal this may be a place to start.


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