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Good Morning,


Sometimes when we begin a new adventure we start out well but as time goes on we make mistakes and get disgusted with it all. Please remember that neither you nor I are expected to be “perfect” in our food choices… or anything else. Our goal is to make better food choices at every opportunity. If you eat something that you know is not the best selection, don’t be concerned about it, that’s no problem. As long as those choices don’t amount to more than 10% of your calories, you’re “okay”. The fact that you eat LESS of those foods than you did before and are attempting to make better choices is what is important. I am sure that you eat less of everything that we have pointed out is undesirable to consume.


The same thing could be said about your habits. If you eat too late in the evening or you skip breakfast just confess that you always make the right choices and eat at the right times and in the right amounts. You have already made some good changes in your diet and I am convinced that you will continue to be mindful of what goes in your mouth. And THAT is what counts.


How do we know that these seemingly minor choices actually make a difference? Well, initially you may not notice a difference but if you persevere most likely you will experience less sickness (like colds, allergies, flu). You may experience a symptom now and then but the symptom will be so mild that you won’t even want to use any over the counter (OTC) medicines. You may experience more energy, clear thinking, better memory, nicer skin… and I could go on and on. Many little aches and pains may just pass you by. That’s how you can know that you are helping your body to do what it does best and that is… keeping you healthy and energetic by performing all the many, many chemical reactions that occur in our body each minute. You are making wise choices and I am so excited about that.


Be encouraged and thanks for choosing well. J


Choose Well

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