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Yesterday we saw that there are foods that can be harmful but unfortunately are consumed in excess by many people. What is exciting is that there are also food items that we know are very beneficial and we know that we should be consuming a certain amount of them in order to gain their benefit. You already know what these foods are… fruits, vegetables, whole grains/starches and fiber. These foods were made for us and for our well being.


So, how much does the average American consume of these?


  • ·Fruits – only 42% of the recommended minimum intake.


  • ·Vegetables – only 59% of the recommended minimum intake.


  • ·Whole Grains – only 15% of the recommended minimum intake.


  • ·Fiber – only 40% of the recommended minimum intake.


These valuable foods are far below what we know is beneficial to us. If we are interested in feeling great and being strong it would be to our benefit to consume more of these foods. It is not difficult to learn which foods we should focus on in order to regain and maintain good health. It would not be prudent to ignore what we know and simply eat “all things in moderation”. Now we know how we got into the mess we are in and we also know how to get out. That’s good news.


What you eat is totally up to you, but I am confident that you will continue to…


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