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We know that sodium is a substance that we need in our bodies. However, the kind of salt we choose is important. Common, iodized table salt should probably be eliminated from our diet. Reading the label will tell you that various salt companies add silicon dioxide, dextrose (a sugar), calcium silicate, magnesium carbonate, and/or potassium iodide. (These additives can cause problems and the chemicals used in preparing them are not listed on the label).The problem with table salt is that the minerals are processed out and iodine and sugar are added; the result is that the minerals in the salt are not present in proper ratios.


Non-iodized kosher salt, Celtic salt, sea salt or even pickling salt are better choices than iodized salt. Eating lots of vegetables will give you all the iodine you need and naturally occurring iodine is better than the synthetic iodine that is added to refined salt. Refined salt tastes “saltier” and that partly answers the question “why do they refine it?”


Do you see a pattern in the food industry? Foods are refined for a longer shelf life and profitability. Minerals and other nutrients are taken out of the food and sold for making supplements. This leaves me scratching my head… the foods are refined and then I am told I cannot get all my nutrition from food… therefore, I must take supplements made from the food that has been refined. Are you scratching your head too?


The decisions made by the food industry rarely have anything to do with health and nutrition; we need to be aware of these things so we can make better choices. The label on salt should say only “salt” or “sodium chloride”.


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